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Our Mission
We began the Alkalizer Division of DBS in 1995 when a Japanese Manufacturer wanted us to begin marketing their machine in the USA. It took several months to decided to move forward. In October 1995 we sent an Alkalizer to Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of “Alkalize or Die”, and asked him to provide Alkaline water for his patients. His results were amazing. He contacted us after a few months and said that nearly every one of his patients had positive results from drinking this water. Many health conditions improved and some health conditions no longer existed.

That made our decision easy. We decided to market the Alkalizer and had our first meeting on March 20, 1996, in Phoenix, Arizona. Everyone bought a machine and started sharing their water with people they knew. Almost every disease had a positive result and sales began to grow in many other states. During the next several years we had machines in nearly every state in the USA and in 29 other countries.  

We decided to Trademark our machine, The AlkalizerTM, which means no other machine can be called The Alkalizer. We continued to build our company and saw many lives improved from drinking this water. In 2003 we opened H20 Express water store and others opened up as well around the country. In 2009 we changed our name to H20 Wellness Center because is was a place where people could come in and get water and ultimately buy an Alkalizer in most cases. We also offered several key products noted on our website to help people with their health.  

*** In 1998 we partnered with Dr. John Milovich and he introduced the official Microcurrent Machine to us. We are now the official Training and Research Center in the USA, located in Orlando, Florida. We then began providing the Microcurrent Instrument, the Vitalizer Pro, which helps to balance, energize and promote healing as well as helping to reduce pain. In minutes people have seen results.  

DBS has the solution to the five major causes of old age, sickness and many diseases. Our equipment is able to bring hope to people who have lost hope and to help prevent sickness before it can occur. 

 We wanted to embrace and promote wellness with everyone. In October 2017 we began selling the new redesigned Alkalizer with the newest digital technology to date. We have two different sizes so that it’s easy to decide which is best for one’s needs. We believe that everyone should be drinking this alkaline water for their health as we have seen so many positive results for the past 23 years. 

 In addition we have seen just as many positive results with Microcurrent treatments for various health conditions. We have a team of people working with us to help take our products to the world. Our mission is to bring better health to each and every person who crosses our path. Together we want to make a difference in many peoples’ lives.
“Where Wellness Begins In The Heart”
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