The Alkalizer
Cleaner Water And Better Health Are Just A Click Away
PH balance 
Strong Antioxidant
Household Multi-Functional Water Ionizer.
Use for: Daily Drinking Water, Cooking Foods, Making Coffee & Tea, Children Drinking, Face and Body Cleaning, Disinfection & Sterilization. 
Restructured Alkaline Water Is 
A Key To Optimal Health
Why Use The Alkalizer
OUR BODIES ARE 75% - 80% WATER……The simple solution: Drink alkaline water from the Alkalizer. It will cleanse your system daily. Order a machine and you will be on the road to better health...
Health Benefits Of Alkaline Water
Drinking alkaline water ENERGIZES, OXIDIZES and helps reduce ACIDOSIS! Additionally, regular consumption of the water aids in the reversal of many different ailments.
What Is Living Water?
It is bio-electronically pure alkaline water.  For over 20 years this technology has been a proven success overseas.  The Alkalizer unit filters tap water and reforms the water through electrolysis producing Living Water, a water that has unique characteristics and benefits.  The newest Digital Alkalizer is available now.
The Natural Solution
Regular consumption of alkaline water improves regularity to the body. Unlike tap water you can drink large amounts of alkaline water without bloating or stomach upset. Ideally, you should be drinking a minimum of 1/2 of your body weight in ounces per day and refrain from consuming excessive amounts beyond this goal or just prior to bedtime
Mild and smooth tasting . Highly permeable . Can dissolve matter . Supplies beneficial alkaline minerals . Reduces germ count from 0.8 PPM to 0.2 PPM . 
Benefits Of Living Water
 Can be adjusted in pH to best suit your metabolism .  Maintains a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide .  Can help scavenge free radicals
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